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Monday, 28 November 2011

Not Interesting Or Funny Or Good

I haven't written anything for the last week, as I do generally like to make my posts a little bit funny if I can, and there's not all that much humour that can be injected into "I feel like an abject failure".

It's just been one of those weeks. You know, where you feel like everything you do is somehow not quite right, and that every single human being on the planet would make a better parent than you, even your own children could probably bring themselves up better than you're doing it.

I could go into detail, but that would be tedious. It can be summed up thus: nightfeedsmessyhousestopclimbingonthatItoldyounowhywon'tyoueatyourdinnerohgodnowyouhaveahorridcoughtooandyou'vegivenittomeandIcannotpossiblygetanymoretiredthanthisohwaityesIcannonightfeedswooIcouldgetusedtothisnightfeedagainwhywon'tyoujustsleepstopdoingthatyoucangoandsitinthecornerIhavehadenoughofyou!

Tis not the stuff great blogs are made of. Normal service will hopefully resume when I've had some sleep, a tidy of my house, and a large glass of wine.

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