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Sunday, 19 February 2012

1 Week.....

That is how long it has been since...... The Toddler had a nappy on during the day.

A whole weeek of big-girl pants. Big-girl pants that have not had wee in them. THIS IS NOT A BIG DEAL. DO NOT GET EXCITED. I am absolutely not ready to even suggest that she might be toilet-trained, for several reasons:
1. She still poos in her pants, swiftly and secretly, and then waddles around telling me she needs a wee
2. She still doesn't ask to go, and it's only because Husband and I have actually somehow remembered to take her for frequent loo visits that the wees have happened where they should.
3. There's still an awful lot of bribery going on, with new toys, star stickers, and many, many jelly beans
4. I'm scared that if I do suggest it, it will suddenly cease to be remotely true. In fact, I'm seriously questioning my decision to write this, in case I jinx it.

So yes, we are - perhaps, maybe, possibly - Getting There. She is no longer throwing herself off the toilet in a tantrum every time we sit her there, or weeing on my carpet every half an hour, or at least, she hasn't done it this week, so even if we've got a long way to go, I'm feeling cautiously pleased, and less of an utter failure about the whole thing.

You watch, I'll be posting tomorrow saying I've had the 1001 out again.

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