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Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Great Escape


I don't really know what took her so long, but The Toddler has just made a discovery. It seems she has finally realise that her bedguard is actually just a piece of fabric running approximtely one-third of the length of her bed, and not, in fact some kind of extendable force-field keeping her incarcerated until one of her parents comes to release her. This morning, I heard a bit of crashing around, and went into her room to find her in her bed, but sharing it with a Fisher Price telephone which I'm pretty sure wasn't there when she went to sleep. And this evening, she came down the stairs to tell me that she couldn't find her monkey. I'm not entirely sure I'm happy with this new development. Granted, it's all been quite cute so far, but I can imagine it will get old quite quickly when I want her to go to sleep and she would rather run around rearranging her furniture or something. Still, this morning she put the clean pants that were on the chair away in her drawer (and very proud of herself she was too), so at least she's making herself useful.

That aside, today has been pretty much one long exercise in fail. I'm not sure I can even be arsed to go into it properly, but it involved a protracted bout of screaming from The Littl'un, followed by a bit of clapping and hair-pulling once I gave in and brought her into our bed, an argument with The Toddler over table manners (I would like her to show some, she is not keen), Husband being quite poorly with some kind of infected mouth thing, an enormous wee on the kitchen floor (The Toddler, not me), a crap attempt at chickpea soup (I don't even like chickpeas, God knows what I was thinking), and an awful lot of TV.

Ah well, they'll get looked after properly tomorrow. They're at Grandmas.

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  1. This really made me laugh!! I love the end sentiment, that's how I feel when they're at school or the childminders!