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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Important Experiment

Today, we have been conducting a Very Important Experiment. We have decided to try to find an answer to this question: is there ANY filling this child????

Methodology was as follows: give her lots of food, and don't say no when she tries to steal ours.

I think we may have an answer. And that answer, you may be utterly unsurprised to learn, is NO.

Seriously, The Baby must have an extra stomach somewhere where she puts all this stuff. I'm pretty sure she's eaten nearly as much as I have today. She has eaten: a bowl of Rice Crispies, about a quarter of my toasted muffin, 15 grapes, 2 breadsticks, chicken with pesto (there were meant to be some peas involved there too, but she has decided they are no longer something she wants anything to do with), a banana, all the crusts from my sandwich, half a cherry tart, 3 rice cakes, a massive bowl of meatballs, vegetables and rice, and a fromage frais. And then she started picking at stray bits of rice around her highchair tray. Oh, and then another grape.

And now we're just waiting to find out whether she's going to be up all night with a bad tummy, or she's eaten herself into a stupor. The wee hours of the morning will tell.....

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