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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Bye Bye Baby!

I'm sorry. I'm totally rubbish. How ever have you coped without my useless wittering dropping into your life every five minutes?

Anyway, before anyone gets alarmed by this title, I have not dumped The Baby on a cargo ship to Sweden or anything like that. I have merely decided that the time has come. The Baby can no longer go by this name. She is now, most resolutely, The Toddler. It's weird. I'm not sure I like it. But it is true. She has finally learned to walk! For the last week or so, she has been unstoppable. It is most fun, watching her stagger around like a tiny drunken zombie, with outstretched arms and a dopey grin. It is slightly less fun when she insists on walking all the way round Ikea (why do they make you walk 4 miles before you can get meatballs?), but I can live with it. I'm a very proud mammy.

I really should get off the computer and tidy my house. It is currently virtually unidentifiable as a place for human habitation, thanks to The Toddler's (weird!) favourite games of scattering books and emptying the bib drawer, and Husband's inability to put anything in a bin. But Friends is on (when isn't it?), and the sofa is sooooo comfy.......

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