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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Still here!

Sorry for the long gaps between posts! I don't have very many interesting things to say, nor the inclination to try and make the boring things sound interesting. I have been poorly and tired and whingey lately, as has The Toddler, so the Bad Mammy household has not exactly been a joyous place to be lately. More a grumpy, messy, occasionally vomit-splattered, place. Lovely.

I forgave The Toddler for her epic tantrum of last week. Especially because a couple of days after that I noticed that she suddenly had two back teeth that I'd never seen before. Oops. Unobservant Mammy.

In other news, I am not happy about this coldness. I'm still in denial that summer is over, and now I'm having to try and find jumpers from the depths of my wardrobe. Does anyone else do this by the way? Spend all summer complaining that you have no summery clothes, buy loads in the nice weather's dying days, and then spend the next few months wondering why nothing you own has sleeves? Where did all the woolly things go?!!! Tis one of the mysteries of the ages.

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