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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Developmental Update. Emphasis On The "Mental".

Haven't done one of these in a while. Anyone want to know how The Toddler is doing? Well, I'm going to tell you anyway.

She is now 17 months and 5 days old. She is a loon.

Here is how she's doing in some important areas:

Walking - v. good. Mostly. She can get some speed up now, and can almost always stay upright. Every now and again, though, she will have a complete standingfail for no apparent reason, and fall on her arse, or she will wander round in a drunken fashion, bumping into things like walls, and the toilet. I'm very pleased that I can now put her down often (she's heavy!), but less pleased that she now screams blue murder when I try and put her in her pushchair.

Talking - shows some promise. She can actually say quite a few things, including: daddle (Daddy), doddle (which I think is dummy), yes, buloo (Waybuloo), Pooh (as in Winnie The. Also refers to Tigger, Piglet, and the whole Hundred Acre Wood gang), poo-poo (which is poo, wee and pump, she hasn't quite distinguished between them yet), shoes, hot (although I'm not entirely sure she knows what this means, and sometimes she just runs around shouting it at the top of her voice), head, teeth and ta (although doesn't use it often, not so good with the manners). She also said "highchair" and "cheese" today. So she CAN say all of these things, but mostly she prefers to say "No". About a million times a day. "Are you tired?" "No". "Do you want to play?" "No". "Do you love Mammy?" "No". "Do you love Daddy?" "No". "Do you want some food?" "Yes". Big surprise.

Other noises - She can do lots of animal noises: sheep, cow, cat, snake, lion, bird, fish (OK, not a noise, but she can do the mouth), duck (although sometimes they say "gok"). All other animals go "boo".

General co-ordination - improving. She is getting quite good at throwing, and better at touching her nose without shoving her finger up it.

Sleeping - rubbish.

Eating - still a champ. Her new talent, though, is spotting every vegetable on her plate and throwing it on the floor.

Activities - The Toddler's favourite things to do: play with belts, and run off with them round her neck, which is alarming and I wish she would stop. Run around shouting "Hot!" (see above). Tear tissues into many, many tiny pieces. Climb up the stairs, especally when I don't want her to. Take all the money out of her Daddy's wallet (I like to do this too). Tries to walk around lifting unfeasibly large objects, such as her pushalong car, and jumbo boxes of nappies. Stare at CBeebies as if it is revealing the answer to life, the universe and everything. Perhaps it is.

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