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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

It's Nearly Christmas!

But you knew that, right? Probably because Fairytale of Bloody New York is on the radio every 17 minutes.

Anyway, here is what has been going on for the last couple of weeks...

Snow - you might have noticed that it got a bit cold and snowy. It was ever so pretty and lovely at first. Then it got quite tiresome. The Toddler was not quite sure of the snow at first, she liked to watch it fall, but when we actually took her out in it, she looked at it, fell on her bum, then cried. But after a go on a sledge (just around the streets, not down a hill, even I'm not that bad), she came around. She quite liked playing with her dumper truck and spade in it too, and was most unimpressed when I took her inside after 10 minutes, because I'd lost her gloves and was having terrible visions of frostbite and all her fingers suddenly falling off. At least it's gone now. Mostly. There's still a big pile in the garden from when it fell off the roof. That might be gone by tomorrow. Just in time for us to get some more. Woo.

Teeth - The Toddler's back teeth are coming through properly now. As I've mentioned before, each of her teeth seem to take about a million years to get out, and cos the back ones are so big, they're taking even longer. Cue grumpiness, nappies of evil, and looooong nights.

Sick - I have finally started to feel less sick. Not completely, but it's gone from being all-day sickness to first-thing-in-the-morning-and-a-good-chunk-of-the-evening sickness. So that's good. Am glad this isn't my first pregnancy though, where I foolishly believed the stupid books when they told me I'd start feeling great once I hit 12 weeks.

Cold - Unfortunately, the sickness has been replaced by a horrible cold. At one point, I thought I even had man-flu. I have done a lot of coughing. I have also, very generously, given it to The Toddler. She keeps coughing up phlegm and gets very confused about it. More long nights. Where she invariably ends up in bed with us. A few people have mentioned "rods" and "backs", but quite frankly, at 3am, I am thinking "Cold. Tired. Want Bed. Don't care how. Don't care who's in it. Tired".

Baby - As far as I can tell, it's fine. I keep thinking I can feel it move, but then it could just be wind. Apparently it's supposed to be easier to tell the second time, but I still can't. We are trying to teach The Toddler about the baby (I need a name for it. Not quite ready to call it The Baby yet, I'm still getting used to The Toddler not being The Baby). It's going moderately well. I ask where the baby is and she points to my belly (usually. Sometimes it's my boob, or my leg) and says "Bee". And then she gives it a kiss. Unfortuately, Husband keeps getting her to do this when I'm not there, so she is getting a tad confused and keeps kissing him on the belly too. Fail.

Christmas Shopping - I hate Christmas shopping. There are too many shops, too many people, everything costs too much, and I buy too much for myself. And STILL NOT FINISHED! I have been about 7 times! Gah.

So yeah, snow, teeth, sick, cold, baby, Chrismas shopping. Pretty much sums it up.

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