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Tuesday, 19 July 2011


We must be mindful of our behaviour. The Toddler misses nothing. Here are some things she has said or done recently:

(When playing with her toy tea set) "Sugar? TWO sugar!"

"Bu-gah. BUUUU-GAH!" (After I forgot to watch my language when I spilled a bowl of water over the carpet)

"Balls!" (After Husband did similar)

Puting a doll's head up her top to feed it (I have heard of lots of older siblings of breastfed babies doing this)

Taking my reusuable breastpads out of the washing basket and shoving them down her top (I have never, however, heard of one doing this)

Putting a Tesco bag over her shoulder and saying "Shopping! Buy fings"

Patting The New'un on the tummy, saying "Shush. Shush, SWEE-tart" (Although I'm prety sure neither Husband nor I say it in quite such an agressive tone of voice. Or pat quite so hard)

Waving in the direction of the TV (this is how you turn the Xbox Kinect on)

Drinking the milk out of the bottom of her cereal bowl (Even though this is a very bad habit of mine, at least I can usually manage not to spill it all down my front. Usually.)

At teeth-brushing time, spitting on the edge of the sink (Ah well, she'll be tall enough to do it properly eventually)

(At Bear, sternly) "Stop cry-in"

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  1. Oh dear, I miss having a 2yr old they are SO cute! 3yr olds are cute too but it's not quite the same!!