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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Lipstick?- Check. Camera? - Check. Breast Pump? - Check

I'm off out tonight!! Woo! Freedom! And Rum!! (and we'll ignore the fact that we are going out to celebrate that I am very very nearly 30.)

I'm a bit excited.

And a bit nervous. The children are going to my parents' for the night, and it will be the first time I've left The New'un for more than a couple of hours. I'm sure they will all be fine, but I will miss The New'un's scrunchy little face. She's dead cute, you know.

But how times change. For my last milestone birthday, my 21st, the biggest problem I had beforehand was finding the right shoes, and wondering what to drink before I went out. (I had bigger problems the day after though. The whole of the left side of my face seized up and I asked my dad if he thought I was having a stroke. I wasn't, clearly. Just still drunk) Today's night out requires a bit more forward planning. I have just written a list of things I need to pack for the kids. The timing of my parents coming to pick them up has been worked out so I can breastfeed The New'un at the last possible moment. The outfit has been planned to take into account style, comfort and any leaky boobs. I had to buy a new handbag that could hold my new, very small breast pump. Yep, because The New'un usually has two feeds between the hours of 7pm and 11pm, I am going to have to express some milk while I'm out if I don't want to explode. I bet the toilets of Tiger Tiger have never seen anything so glamourous.

Now all that remains to be seen is if I make it past 11.30 without wishing I was at home with a nice cup of tea....

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  1. I can't imagine what a 21yr old me would think of a nearly 30yr old expressing in the loos of Tiger Tiger on a Saturday night LOL!!!! If for some reason now (30+) I was in such a bar, I would probably check if you needed a glass of water or some tissue!!

    p.s. hope you have a fab night!!!