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Friday, 27 July 2012

A Post About Things

Inspired title.

Apologies for the lack of blogness. I have, instead of spending my evenings wandering around the internet, been Doing Stuff. I decided, quite abruptly, that I hated the colour of my living room walls, and was going to paint them. After completely bemusing Husband with my new-found obsession with tester pots, we settled on a colour and started painting. Unfortunately, gone are the days when we could just decide to paint, put a few days aside, and get on with it, because we have a couple of those small children-things who need looking after, and who, I'm sure, would have LOVED to join in the painting fun, but who would probably not have achieved a very high-quality finish (not that Husband and I did, either). So we had to paint in the evenings, one wall at a time. And now it is finished. And now I have decided that I want new lightshades. And a rug. And a new throw. And maybe a mirror. I persuaded Husband that we could afford to redecorate because "we've got enough for a couple of tins of paint!". Hmm.

I have also been doing some bandwagon-jumping lately. People have been going on about an exercise DVD called the 30-Day Shred, which promises great results with only a 20-minute workout a day. So, now I am back at work where there is cake and no small hands trying to steal it from me, I decided to give it a go, because I cannot pretend any longer that 90 minutes of yoga a week is really burning any of these cake-calories.

I think this woman is trying to kill me. She will not be happy until I have fallen down in a big sweaty broken heap on the living room carpet, never to rise again. It's only 20 minutes, but they are 20 minutes during which I want to curl up in a ball and die. But, at the end of it, you realise that you have not died! It's terribly life-affirming. Besides, the pain is just fear leaving the body. Apparently.

So, those are my reasons for not having written anything for a while. Now I should probably actually write something about something. My kids maybe?

Not much to tell really. The Littl'un's love of climbing in things has developed into a love of climbing ON things. Particularly the stools and chairs in our kitchen, which are the perfect height for a 3-year-old to sit on to eat her tea, and also the perfect height for an adventurous one-year-old to give her mother a mini-heart-attack by standing on. She is a menace. But an unbearably cute one.

The Big'un is a challenge, as always. We are trying very hard to stop the very bad habit of making ridiculous threats in order to get her to do something, as she is starting to realise we don't mean a word of it. So she has been to bed with no bedtime story a couple of times in recent weeks, which is a delight. Honestly, why can't she behave like a reasonable human being? Oh, yes, because she's three. People who are three are annoying. But they also say things like, "Grandad, your hair is grey. Has it gone all wrong?". I like having that in my life.

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