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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Finding Her Feet

So, just under three weeks ago, I posted that The Littl'un was starting to take more than three steps in a row without falling on her arse, and it was very wonderful and I was very proud.

She can now take many more than three steps. I haven't counted, but she can probably take, oh about a MILLION. OK, that is possibly something of an exaggeration, but she has taken to this walking lark astoundingly quickly. I'm bloody exhausted. The child NEVER stops moving. No wonder she stays firmly in the part of the stupid weight chart that is officially marked "Skinny Minnie", despite eating all the livelong day. She's always going somewhere, and now that she can do it on two feet, and very fast, I frequently turn around and discover she is not at all where I thought she was. (She's usually in a box. This is her new favourite game, climbing into things. And then getting a bit perturbed when she can't get out again.)

It's all a bit unnerving. The Big'un didn't get the hang of walking until a bit later, so I've never had a just-turned-one-year-old who can run around. It's pretty fun though. Today we have been to the beach, and I didn't have to do much to entertain The Littl'un - she just toddled about a bit, fell down, dug her hands in the sand, got back up again and toddled some more. I just had to retrieve her every now and then when she looked as if she was heading for the sea, or tried to bury her head. So although I now have to cover more ground, I have to put in less actual effort into keeping her busy. Lazy me approves of this.

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