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Thursday, 30 August 2012

A Film Review

Return of the Jedi aka "The Green Star Wars!", as reviewed by The Big'un.

"I like the green Star Wars. Look, there's the story! I don't know the story. Daddy knows the story, but I know the baddie's name is DARF VEEADER. He is angry.

Jabba the Hood is green and I don't like Jabba the Hood.

It's Princess Leia in there! She's hiding. I love Princess Leia.

I think there's a nasty mouth and wiggly worms in there.

Where's the cheeky robot? He's called DeeDee Artoo.

I think Luke Skywalker likes Princess Leia. I like Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker and Hanson Swallow, but I don't like Darf Veeader.

The baby bear does a roly poly and goes "yip yip".

It's a trap!

Luke Skywalker has a light saver. Luke Skywalker uses the green one and Darf Veeader uses the red one and the big angry baddie does some NASTY THINGS.

They all happy now. I want a snack."

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  1. hahah! love this Kia! Made me smile after a shit day of more Dr apts and even more health problems. I need to write some good blog posts like this, hopefully Bobby will do something funny for me to write about except from call me dada :) x