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Thursday, 16 August 2012

An Inventory of Bedtime

2 over-tired and sweaty children

2 tired parents

1 bath

17 bath toys

400 warnings not to use the bath toys to drink the bathwater

2 children feigning deafness

1 premature removal from bath (for water-drinking)

1 massive tantrum

2 flailing child-arms

4 slaps to the chest

3 trips to "the corner"

4 serious discussions about hitting

30 screams of "I'm really tired!"

35 screams of "I'm not tired!"

1 flailing 3-year-old

1 split lip (mine)

2 children eventually in bed

2 huge sighs of relief

3 requests to go to the toilet

20 minutes of screaming

12 attempts to put dummy back in toddler's face

2 glasses of water

1 dose of teething powder

1 threat to take toys away

1 toddler brought downstairs to watch 'How I Met Your Mother'

1 suspiciously quiet 3-year-old

1 more attempt to put the toddler down

4 crossed fingers......

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