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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Oh well..

I promise, I really did have a post half-written in my head. It was going to rock your worlds.

It was about sleep, again. But instead of another big whinge, it was going to be a look back over some of the sleep issues we've had, and how I felt about them, and was going to be insightful and marvellous. It was the post that I hadn't been able to write while in the middle of them, and after getting a couple of weeks of relatively unbroken nights, I finally felt like I could write it without weeping.

But then they started being a bit rubbish again, and all my calm and measured perspective has gone out of the window. So no blog post. Bet you're all devastated.

I am actually struggling for inspiration a bit at the minute. I know my child-things are meant to be my inspiration, but they're actually being quite nice at the minute, and I always find them harder to write about when they're being nice. And I think I am running out of ways to talk about them being horrible too. So if anyone has any suggestions of things I should write about, or ways in which I should write about them, then please do share, and I shall split the profits, of which there are none, with you.

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