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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Hello there!


I'm Bad Mammy and this is my blog. It is mainly a blog about my day-to-day life, which essentially means my baby (as you probably know, new mothers are extraordinarily boring and single-minded, and, seven months on, I am showing no signs of becoming any more interesting).

I started this mainly because someone told me to. So I hope you're bloody reading this, someone.

Like I said, I'm Bad Mammy, but I want to stress that I am not a bad mammy. I'm not saying that I am a terrible, neglectful, social-services-you-may-want-to-drop-in type of mother. It's more of an admonishment, a name I call myself about 12 times a day: as in, "Bad Mammy has let you do something you're not supposed to do, again!" or "Bad Mammy has not done something that she should have, again!". I will expand in the next post....

Apologies to my facebook friends - yes I'm going to rip off my status updates for this blog. I can't possibly be interesting in two different ways at once.

I'll try and keep my posts brief and mildy entertaining. Please give me abuse if they are neither. If I remember that there are other things in the world besides The Baby, I may write about those too.

Hope you enjoy it. Or at least read a little bit of it and don't think I'm a complete loser.


Bad Mammy x

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