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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Brave New Bed...

Sorry I haven't written anything for a while. We've been entering new territory, and I didn't want to blog about it saying it was going well only for it to immediately stop doing so. I realise that could still happen. I'm just hoping it won't.

So. Tonight is The Toddler's 5th night in her big-girl bed! It's all very exciting. It would have happened sooner, but I was being typically lame and slow about getting her room ready. But ready it is. There's bunting and everything. And an unfeasibly large bed. As an "investment", we decided to forego the very cute and much cheaper toddler beds, and go straight to a standard single. Then, being a cheapskate, I bought a mattress from eBay, without realising quite how deep it was. Result: small child in very high (and bouncy) bed. Ah well. So, furniture was purchased and built, bunting was bunted, and alternative homes found for the mountains of crap that had been living in that room since we moved in. It was time to make the change...

Day 1: Bedtime was approached with much trepidation. When the time came to put The Toddler down, she started screaming "No no no no no!" and trying to climb over the bed guard. Lots of cajoling and cuddling. Eventually I had to lie down in the bed with her, amid visions of me having to do this every night until she was 12 (possibly a slight over-reaction there, considering we were still in the first 20 minutes of the new regime, but I'm allowed, I'm hormonal). Eventually I was permitted to withdraw to the floor, then to the landing outside the door, then finally downstairs. She then slept fairly peacefully for the rest of the night. I however, most certainly did not. I spent most of the night in a very annoying state of semi-wakefulness, with one ear open for the thuds and the sound of The Toddler running around the landing. Didn't happen.

Day 2: A scream of "No no no no no!" as I tried to put her down. A quick cuddle and a promise to stay if she wanted seemed to placate her. Then she lay happily playing with her Glow-worm and I scarpered. And joy of joys, a full night's sleep!

Day 3: A token "No", but then down peacefully. Result! She likes the bed! She sleeps in the bed! Could this spell the end of the broken nights? 1:3o am: No. Toddler awakes screaming, clearly having forgotten about the new bed situation, and thoroughly annoyed to find herself somewhere she wasn't expecting to be. Many cuddles, some just-in-case Calpol, and Husband lying with her for a while, and she was asleep again.

Day 4: Down happily. Woke in the night coughing madly (her, not me). Hopes that the new bed was The Answer are utterly, utterly dashed.

Day 5: Down happily again, but with 4 dummies (winding down the dummy usage clearly going extremely well). And we shall see what tonight holds.

I would like some sleep. That would be nice. I'm very tired, despite having an unexpected afternoon to myself, during which I got to have a nice little nap. Unfortunately, I then decided to clean the house. 3 hours of cleaning takes it out of you somewhat. And in those three hours, I only managed to clean upstairs, and the hallway. This is not so much a reflection of how dirty my house was (although, it has to be said, parts were pretty minging), more of how cleaning whilst 6 months pregnant is like moving through treacle. Although that's probably more fun.

I was going to write more, but I think this is long and boring enough. I will save my exciting tales of cleaning for another day. Bet you can't wait.

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