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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Wow. Just.... Wow.

Hello peoples!

Sorry it's been a while, I've been busy lately, what with the New Leaf (has been going quite well), and actually having to do quite a lot of work at work (which has kind of got in the way of the New Leaf a bit, as The Toddler had to be dispatched to Grandma's, and Grandma is always good and plays with her). So now work manic-ness (a VERY busy weekend involving Japanese people getting stuck at immigration without the right paperwork, the East Coast mainline melting, and me having to drive a Very Famous Person around in my toy-filled Ford Focus) is over, I had been looking forward to taking it a bit easy this week, and having lots of time to rest. Needless to say, The Toddler decided to scupper this plan, by being ill (how very dare she?). So instead of getting some decent sleep, I have spent the last two nights balancing on the very edge of my bed with a very sweaty and wriggly head on my chest. Which is always fun. So you could say I haven't been in the best mood ever. Still, day off today, tea and cake date with a friend, it was going to be nice.

And then...........

Bear with me. The experience is still quite raw. It's difficult to talk about. But here goes.

After a reasonably whingey morning (usual "I don't want to sit down and eat my breakfast, get dressed or have my nappy changed" shenanigans, which I'm sure she does because she knows Husband is in bed trying to sleep after night shift and she wants him to come and help, making him tired and me feel like a failure), I left the house, planning to pop to the shop for cake before going to my friend's house. The Toddler had shown a considerable amount of resistance to the idea of leaving the house, so was already not best pleased by the time we got to the car. So, preparing myself for a bit of a fight, I attempted to murder her. Well, actually I tried to put her in her car seat, but from the screaming that ensued, my whole block must have thought I was throttling her. Which I was very tempted to do. I thought I had experienced the most epic tantrum The Toddler had to offer. Turns out I was very, very wrong. Today's effort was special. There was screaming, there was squirming, there was kicking, there was total body-stiffening, there was slithering out of the car seat and getting stuck in the footwell. At one point there was even phlegm. It was such a momentously huge tantrum, that after twenty minutes of this, when I had just resorted to putting her in the backseat and closing the car doors, in order to gather my strength for the next attempt, Husband came out to help me. Now, when you bear in mind that he was trying to sleep in bed, in a house with closed windows and doors, and that our parking space is beyond our back garden and left a bit, that's a pretty impressive tantrum.

I know that every toddler has tantrums. But I'm hoping, for humanity's sake, that ones like this are rare. I'm glad I'm pregnant already, otherwise I might be having second thoughts about bringing another one of these little devils into the world. And the worst part of it all? The tantrum made me so late setting off, I didn't have time to go and buy cake.

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