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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Finally Being Productive.

Wow. I'm uncomfortable today. That's not what this post is about, I just wanted to share that with you.

Well, guess what? I have finally done some stuff. It's now hit home that I'm 36 weeks pregnant, which is really quite nearly there. My midwife writes my appointments down like fractions, and seeing it as 36/40 is a bit scary. I mean, if you got 36 out of 40 on a test you'd be pretty pleased with yourself, wouldn't you (unless it was a "How many of these stupid things have you said?" or a "How BNP are you?" test or something, obviously). So I have been using this week, as promised, to get some things done. Here is a profoundly interesting list of some of the things we have achieved:
  • Bought a hospital bag. And even some things to go in it. I have not put said things in it yet, not bought anything like all the things I need, but at least The New'un has some nappies, and I have something to wear in hospital. The baby might be naked apart from the nappy though, as I have not washed any of the baby clothes.
  • I have, however, got the baby clothes out of the loft (or more accurately, sent Husband into the loft, telling him peevishly that I didn't care if he couldn't see them, they were in there somewhere, and if he wasn't coming down again until they were located). Bloody hell, those things are small! It is inconceivable that I am going to have to look after something so teeny. I'll probably lose it down the back of the sofa.
  • Got the crib. Although I think we are missing a bit. And I'm pretty sure it's not going to fit in our bedroom. This is what you get when you move from a Victorian terrace into a new-build shoebox - nowhere to put your baby. It's going to have to sleep in the ensuite. At least it's a nice colour now.
  • Because we painted the ensuite. I have hated the colour of it since the day we moved in, so we repainted it. We only moved in about 18 months ago.
  • Went on a mad cleaning spree. It must be nesting kicking in early. That's the only explanation for why I was hanging out of my bedroom window, cleaning the outside of it with vinegar and kitchen roll.
  • Made a list of stuff to do. Which always feels good. It gives you as much of a sense of achievement as actually accomplishing the stuff on it.
So there we go. I'm getting there. By the time this baby is due, I might even be prepared. Logisitically, at least. Mentally.....


  1. Well I came a whole 2 weeks early and was just prepared. We had only rented a car for that weekend so we could pick up our pram the Saturday morning and wouldn't you know Saturday night I was in hospital having the baby! It was very useful having the car as well because for the whole afternoon I was determined I was not in labour. I only called the hospital at about midnight "just to check" if I was in labour when half an hour later my waters broke and we were racing into hospital. As for the hospital bag you don't tend to need half the things you pack anyway!

    oops that was more of a story than a comment...

  2. The Toddler was pretty much on time (3 days over my due date), so I'm hoping for the same this time!

    At least I have now washed some of the baby things, so I might start packing the bag tonight. Maybe.