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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Funny Old Week

And yes, I know it's not actually over yet, but you don't expect me to keep a whole week's worth of information in my poor addled brain at any one time do you?

One of the most momentous things about this week is I reached the 37-weeks pregnant mark, which means I am full-term. If The New'un decides to show up anytime from now, he/she will be officially not premature. Which is good, I guess. Although I've got to say I did not pay much attention when I hit this particular little milestone, as my head was too full of TIRED. The Toddler decided to wake three times over the course of Tuesday night, and then woke up at 5.30am, and would not be persuaded that going back to sleep was a Good Thing To Do. Husband was on nights, so not only was this joy mine all mine, I also had the job of trying to keep her quiet and get her out of the house so he could sleep. Which I did manage, and ended up having a very nice lunch with a friend and her husband and little girl. During said meal, The Toddler broke her fork. This was quite special. It was one of her small-person plastic-handled forks, and she managed to totally snap it in half. Not just pull the fork bit off the handle bit. She snapped the really quite thick and sturdy plastic handle in two. I'm not sure how. According to one of our dining companions, she had been banging it on the table for quite some time. This is bad, because it means that I was not paying any attention to that whatsoever. It seems that 11 years of being with a drummer means that I just no longer hear people hitting things off other things.

Another thing that has happened this week is that Husband has unhelpfully decided to come down with something. This is just rude of him. How dare he come over all achey, coldy and covered in random red blotches when I need him to run around after The Toddler and bring me chocolate? I'm trying very hard to be sympathetic, because I can tell he is trying to not be as pathetic as he normally is. I'm not doing too badly. I even made him a cup of tea without being asked, and told him he could have a bath instead of doing the ironing. Though whether I would be able to muster up any loving wifely sympathy if The Toddler hadn't deigned to do some actual sleeping last night.

Still, there have also been some very nice things this week. The Toddler has been quite nice to me today, giving me lots of cuddles and kisses, and only one bite on the arm. And on Tuesday (yes, I know I'm doing the week in no order at all. I don't care.), my two wonderful best friends took me out for afternoon tea. With no children in sight! Between us, we have 4 (soon to be 5) girls under the age of 2 and a half, so it has been quite some time since we had a conversation, just the three of us, that wasn't peppered with frequent exclamations of "Put that down", "Oh, she's just been sick on my shoulder again", "No, darling, she doesn't want you to poke her in the eye" and "Whose child can I smell?". It was fantastic. I love my friends and miss our girl time. We have promised faithfully to do it again sometime, and to make sure that time is not in another 2 and a half years. And maybe next time I won't eat quite as much cake.

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  1. i did laugh at your hubby, mine managed to almost break his wrist when i was 39 weeks pregnant with my first and I'm sure he came down with something when our 2nd was due, but i don't remember now!
    I found pregnancy tiredness a lot harder than new mum tiredness, so hopefully you'll be fine once baby is here.
    Your lunch out sounded amazing, i need one of those!