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Sunday, 15 May 2011

A Tentative Update.....

I have been resisting writing this, for fear of jinxing it. But Husband said people might be interested (I think he overestimates this blog) to know how we were going with the night-time screaming thing, so I should update you all. But I think I was right - I actually sat down to write this 20 minutes ago but have just been diverted to The Toddler's room to deal with her.

But anyway. Until last night, it was going rather well. We started tentatively thinking we might have cracked it. We had nearly a week with no screaming fits (during the night anyway. None at all is the impossible dream). She even slept through for a couple of nights. Woo. Good stuff.

So how did we accomplish this? Did we break out the parenting books and embark on a regime of sleep training? Did we move into her room and cuddle her 24/7 until she felt secure in our love and affection? No. We just figured out what she actually wanted. And it's such a teeny thing that I almost hope that we've got it wrong and there is a bigger issue, because otherwise I'm annoyed that it took us so long to figure it out.

She wanted a different dummy.

Seriously. I can't even remember how we figured that out. But it seems that she has a favourite type of dummy. And if she has it to begin with, there is a better chance of her staying asleep. And if she doesn't have it to begin with, but gets it when she starts screaming, she will subside fairly quickly, and go back off. Sometimes she wants the other one of the two favourite ones, in which case she will tell me the one she has is broken and that I should put it in the bin. She is a weirdo, but at least she was being a weirdo who sleeps.

But like I said, last night (and tonight's not looking great so far either) was a bit rubbish. It was different though. There was no screaming, but lots of wake-ups, and then a prolonged bit of unstoppable whingeing at 5am. I think this is teething though, as she had a high temperature and just generally seemed to be feeling very sorry for herself. And today there have been horrid nappies and overwhelming amounts of drool.

20 minutes later.......And you can ignore pretty much everything I've said in this post. I've just had to get in her bed again. We have utterly not cracked it. No amount of dummy switching was going to work. But she is definitely teething. So maybe it was teething all along.

So... basically.... yeah..... Hi, Square One, have you missed me?


  1. I just don't understand why children don't come with instructions manuals!

    Your husband is right though we like getting the update....don't underestimate your blog.

  2. I love the updates too!
    Teething is a nightmare. You may be lucky like me, my daughter got her last tooth just the week before my son was born! I would hate to have 2 teething at the same time!