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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Bad Mammy Is Pleased To Announce....

.... the arrival of The New'un!!!

The New'un is a girl-flavoured baby, who arrived into the world 1 day before her due date, scuppering my plans to go and see X-Men with Husband. She was born at 15.42 on 7/6/11, after a very speedy labour, weighing in at a chunky 8lb 10oz. We are all doing fine, The Toddler keeps trying to put things on her head, but otherwise is being very good with her new little sister.

More details and stories will undoubtedly follow as I spend the next few weeks chained to the sofa with a baby attached to me...


  1. Congratulations!!!!! Welcome to the world New'Un!!
    Enjoy the early days and get as much help with the Toddler as you can!
    Look forward to your posts as always...