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Saturday, 4 June 2011

False Alarm

I thought I might have been in labour the other day. I wasn't.

I was having mild contractions all day, and just when I got to the point (at 1am) when I started telling myself that this was IT... I suddenly woke up and realised that it was 5.30am and I'd fallen asleep, so it clearly was not. But it was all quite exciting for a while. Even though I know that these things can come and go, and that you don't necessarily get any "signs" that you're going into labour (I didn't the first time until 24 hours before), and I'm always gently mocking the crazy women on who have been posting since the minute they hit 37 weeks "I'm feeling twingey, could this be labour?" (and then go on to reveal that they've just eaten a large chili-beef pizza to themselves and walked up 10 flights of stairs. Do you think maybe that might have more to do with it, you lunatic???), I still found (and find, a little bit) myself wondering "ooh, I wonder if this is something?" at every little niggle.

So I am not in labour, which is a good thing, as I have been instructed by my sister that she has loads to do this weekend, and she can't have any time off work to come up from London, so next weekend would be much more convenient, thank you very much. But my little flurry of excitement has brought home to me that actually, it could be anytime now, and I'm now just sitting around, waiting to have a baby. I tried very hard not to play this game last time, certain that it would drive me demented. I was determined not to get attached to my due date (I didn't even tell most people exactly what it was), and mentally prepared myself for going two weeks over, just in case. I went out and did things, including going for a lovely long drive up the Northumberland coast on my due date. This time, it's all gone a bit wrong though. I can't be arsed. I have no energy, or inclination to do anything fun. Or anything at all, in fact. I would be quite happy to sit right here, on this sofa, and wait. Even if it takes another two and a half weeks. But I fear The Toddler may not approve of this plan. Or maybe she would, it would probably entail a lot of CBeebies.

Let's hope the weather picks up again. It's ok when the weather is nice. I can just put her in the garden, and she can amuse herself by rolling around on the grass -"Roly poly! Mammy too!" "No sweetheart, Mammy really can't join in this game..."


  1. Lol I just envisaged you trying to do a roly poly!

  2. I can't wait to see the newun! Have a good labour time!