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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

It's June!!!!!


That means I am having my baby THIS MONTH! Actually, it means my baby is due NEXT WEEK, but I'm trying not to dwell on that part so much. Still feeling quite frightened and unprepared, but I am also definitely looking forward to not looking like I've swallowed a beach ball, having lumpy bits poking and wriggling around in there, and my skin feeling like it's been stretched to the thickness of filo pastry.

And I am oh so very tired. I realise that this is not set to get all that much better once The New'un actually arrives. But it will be a bit better - no sleep-deprived tiredness I've ever experienced is quite as wearing as pregnancy tiredness. Husband starts his last set of shifts for a while tomorrow, and I have a feeling that the Beebie-sitter will be employed a LOT until he's off. Although I have found some interesting new things that keep The Toddler greatly amused, including a bag and some potatoes (she puts the latter in the former, and drags it around the floor. For ages), and a South-East Asian phrase book, which she likes to "read" to two of her soft toys, proclaiming it is "story-time". If she actually starts coming out with some Vietnamese, I'll be very impressed.

Oh, and The Toddler's gem of the day: on pulling my dress up to kiss the baby, and seeing my stretch marks, "Tummy.... spotty! Oh dear."


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  1. Good luck with it all, can't wait to read about the New'Un arriving!