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Friday, 5 August 2011

In Praise of The New'un

I realise that most of my posts are about the trials and tribulations (and sometimes the good bits) of life with The Toddler. That's because she is very entertaining, time-consuming and demanding, and, you know, just generally DOES more than The New'un.

But I feel The New'un deserves some blog time. So here it is.

The New'un (who's actually not that new anymore, so perhaps she needs a new name) is now 8 weeks old. She is GORGEOUS. I think she might even be gorgeous to an objective outsider, and not just gorgeous to my biased adoring-parent eyes. I've not had much to report thus far, because small babies are kind of boring. They cry, you feed them. They cry again, you change their nappy. They cry again, you walk around with them for a bit. They get distracted by something shiny in the distance, then fall asleep in some kind of unfeasible position on your arm. And that's about it.

But she's starting to get interesting now. She can hold her head up and look around pretty well, until she forgets how to do it and headbutts me in the nose. She looks at things and smiles at them, or makes other strange gurning faces, and coos at them. She has whole conversations with her Winnie the Pooh mobile. I think she's even starting to bat at things with her hands, and tries to eat the fish toy on her playmat. She tries to latch on to my nose when she's hungry. She looks pleased with herself when she wees on the changing mat.

None of these things are probably all that exciting to anyone but me. But she is one of the two most beautiful things I have ever seen. Even though she has just been sick on my arm. I am a lucky girl.

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