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Monday, 20 September 2010

Mistaken Identity?

I am sure - absolutely, positively convinced - that the nursery has got confused. There must be another baby there (well, toddler, they have finally acknowledged that, even though she isn't walking, there is only so much time a 14-month-old can spend playing with sensory baskets, and so have let her go to the far more exciting toddler room) with the same name, and that her key worker has got them mixed up. How do I know this? Sample comments from today: "She's not a bit of bother", "She's so quiet!", and most unnervingly "She slept for an hour and 40 minutes. Yes, she just lies down and goes to sleep, no trouble at all". That ain't my daughter. My daughter is the one who, when she gets home, punches her daddy in the face and steals his glasses, waits until I have just taken her nappy off then makes a break for it, shouts "BAA!" at everything, and whinges until I let her steal food from my plate. Although the food she did steal was cabbage. Granted, it was covered in oyster sauce and she wasn't meant to be eating it, but at least it was green.

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