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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Some Randomness...

I don't have the energy to write a proper post. So here is an assortment of random thoughts.

- The Toddler says "No" like a Scottish person.

- Why do baby clothes have pockets on them? What are the designers thinking - "Ooh, we'd best make sure there's somewhere on this 3-6 months sleepsuit for his wallet and keys"??

- I can't remember when I last cleaned my bathroom.

- If everyone in Eastenders works on a market stall or in a shop, why do they all always have enough money to go and drink orange juice in the pub at lunchtime? Orange juice in pubs costs a fortune. And they all work about two seconds from their houses anyway.

- Is it bad if your toddler recognises, and noticeably perks up at the mention of the word "Beebies"?

- I bought The Toddler a special, hypoallergenic, cot-sized pillow today, in the hopes of getting her to sleep better. I had been expressly forbidden to do this, as we have, at a conservative estimate, 847 pillows in the house already. The Toddler is currently sleeping peacefully, with her head nowhere near said pillow. I think I'm in trouble.

That is all.

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