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Thursday, 14 April 2011

I Want To Be A Hippy

I have a new obsession. You may remember, a while ago I wrote a post about lusting after prams. But I knew that I did not have several hundred pounds to spend on a new set of wheels, and so put all thoughts of shiny new ones out of my mind. And instead, I now find myself obsessively googling slings. Especially, for some reason, the fabric ones that wrap around you about a million times and give you the look of an at-one-with-the-universe earth-mother. I want to look like that. I have no idea why. I never have before in my life.

So I have been mooching around t'interwebs looking at slings. And dear god, I thought pram shopping was complicated. Which it is. But so is sling shopping. There about 75 thousand different types of sling. Ones with buckles and straps, ones with padding, mei tais (not a rum-based cocktail, sadly), ring slings, pouches, wraps.... Even shopping for a wrap, which is essentially just a really long piece of fabric is not exactly simple - you can get stretchy ones or woven ones, and there are about 50 different brands, and prices vary so wildly I have trouble remembering that they are all essentially oversized hankies. I really really wanted a stretchy wrap, but I have just stumbled across a very exciting-looking hybrid type thing called a wrap conversion. They have hoods on. My mind is in turmoil once again.

So all I have to do is decide on a sling. Oh, and then persuade Husband that even though we now own three pushchairs, a sling, a backpack carrier, and possibly another couple of baby carriers of various types lurking in my friend's garage (I still own the garage and the flat it is attached to by the way, I don't just go randomly storing baby paraphernalia in my friends' homes), it is really necessarily for me to spend a WHOLE lot of money on a new one.....

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  1. Hilarious...I love your blog...I remember pram shopping...worse than buying a car. Never mind what you think you like either cause everyone has an opinion on which one is best! As for slings...good on you to be attracted to all that wrapping...I personally get lost in all that material. We went for a nice simple one that hubby could wear too in the end. Good luck with it all and persuading hubby.