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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Just For A Change....

The Toddler has been an undeniable menace today of the highest order. But instead of having yet another whinge about that, I have decided to share some nice things instead. Now The Toddler is starting to put a couple of words together here and there, she is very cute and funny. In my opinion anyway. So here are some of my favourite things she has said recently:

(wondering why Husband was lying with the duvet over his head) "Daddy hiding? Daddy sheepy"
(at midwife appointment, hearing the baby's heartbeat) "Ooh, noise! Noise! Baby noise!"
(looking for spiders in the garden, and finding none) "SPI-der? Spider bed. All gone!"
(standing in a corner with a dressing gown over her face) "Where gone? Hidin. Boo!"
(seeing a worm) "Snake! Snake! Hello!"
(about almost everything) "Mines. Is mines"
(spying the Easter Eggs on top of the shelves) "Tock-tit! Mammy's."

Such wisdom from one so young.

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