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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Been Doing Stuff..

...for once, instead of just sitting on my bum in the house, wondering why The Baby is bored and grumpy. This has been a busy weekend! Went to watch the rubbish, rubbish football on Friday night. Then hit Mothercare sale on Saturday morning while The Baby was still at her grandma's. Where a sales assistant approached me to ask if I wanted to join their baby club, I just had to give them my details and due date. Fail. I am mean for enjoying her embarrassment when I informed her that I had in fact had my baby, a year ago. To be fair to her, I was bimbling around Mothercare, looking at pretty much everything, in the kind of aimless way that most parents are just not at leisure to do. And I had consumed a huge Chinese takeaway and a couple of rum and cokes the night before. And I was wearing horizontal stripes.

This weekend, we've also been to a birthday party (where The Baby embarrassed me by doing really stinky pumps every 15 seconds), had a night of very little sleep, and thrown a surprise baby shower for a friend. Which would have worked a lot better if she hadn't been early, and seen me walking towards her mum's house with a bunch of balloons. Oh well. The Baby then proceeded to be clingy and whingey for a while, only cheering up when I gave her a bit of cake, which she promptly smeared on the carpet. I think my friend may be questioning her decision to have one of these creatures...

Today was also Husband's first Fathers'Day, which he got to celebrate by making an omlette for a grumpy, tired child, then having said child whisked away to the baby shower. He is now at work. Oh well, at least he got the gift of a few hours xbox time.

Oh, look at that. It's actually getting late. Damn these light nights, getting me all confused. Night!

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