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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

This Is A Gift, It Comes With A Price...

The Gift - The Baby has slept through for the last three nights. (And it was a case of her staying asleep, rather than me just not hearing her. Husband has confirmed. Unless neither of us now hear her. Interesting thought.) The Price - she has decided that 6.30am is an acceptable wake-up time, and screams through her breakfast. Regular readers and anyone who has ever seen my child eat will know that it is most irregular for her to greet food with anything other than joy. So it is unnerving, as well as extremely tiresome. I don't know what to wish for tonight, a good night's sleep or a peaceful morning. Knowing my luck I will get neither.

Perhaps she is bored of porridge. It occurs to me that I have given her porridge every day for the last 5 months, therefore this may be a reasonable assumption to make. But at 6.30 in the morning I'm pretty much running on auto-pilot: porridgemilkstirmicrowavejamfetchbabyfeedbabycleanporridgeoffbabycleanporridgeoffkitchenfloorkettleonmaketeadrinktea aah, that's better. This cannot go on. Part of my brain knows that I have a young child therefore have kissed a fond farewell to sleeping in until a civilised hour, but it forgets to tell the part that has to get out of bed and function. Bad, Bad Mammy. Must try harder.

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