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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Grump Grump Grump Grump Grump

Bleurgh. I'm in a right grump. It's just come over me all of a sudden, possibly because I've had such a nice weekend and now it's over. Boo. The things that I am currently annoyed about include, but are not limited to:
  • The kitchen floor. Even though we have swept, hoovered and wiped it at least 5 times since Husband dropped a glass on it the other day, it is still covered in tiny, tiny shards of glass, which refuse to detatch themselves, until they come into contact with human skin.
  • That even though I bought expensive, organic Northumberland beef to make The Baby a stew with, it still has the texture of a shoe, and tastes of nothing.
  • Those stupid, stupid, stupid horns at the World Cup.
  • The fact that I am even blogging about this. In fact, I have just deleted a whole raft of whingeing, becuase no-one wants to read it. It's stupid and pointless and irritating, and makes no-one's life any better, so I will stop.
See! Who says blogging serves no purpose? I started in a bad mood, and now I am determined not to be in one. Or at least not to bore anyone else with it. I am going to be a positive, joyful person from now on. For at least ten minutes, anyway. Not sure if this attitude will last if I'm faced with The Baby having a screaming fit at 2.40am again. Although if that does happen, hopefully it won't take me 20 minutes to figure out that all she wanted was some water this time. Silly silly Mammy.

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