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Friday, 11 June 2010

To Sleep, Perchance To Dream..

Thought I'd better dash off a quick post while The Baby has a nap. She's been asleep a while though, so I bet she wakes up any moment. Yes, after 11 months of being utterly and resolutely diurnal, The Baby has now decided she is going to sleep for anything up to two hours every morning. I'm sure it is part of her campaign to keep me unnerved. The girl is an evil genius.
Not that I'm complaining. It's nice to have the peace and quiet after the trauma of the other night. She decided to scream all night, after I woke her up to put her back in her sleeping bag. Baby sleeping bags (for those who are uninitiated into the world of stuff that parents are invited to spend their money on) are marvellous things. They are like a cross between a normal (tiny) sleeping bag, and a pair of dungarees. They zip all around the bottom and one side, and have poppers over the shoulders to keep them on. In theory, this means that you aren't woken up 12 times a night because your child has kicked their blankets off and is cold (you may be woken up 12 times a night for a myriad of other reasons, but sadly, no-one's managed to invent anything to deal with those yet). Baby Houdini over here managed to somehow get out of hers, no idea how. Then when I tried to put her back in, she screamed. So I took her out again, and she screamed.
Anyway, this was going to turn into a long and boring story about screaming all night, but, as predicted, she's just woken up. I'm blogging here, child! Laters x

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  1. I do love our baby sleeping bags, they are especially good in hot weather, naked baby with only a sleeping bag= A nights sleep :-) x