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Friday, 25 June 2010

Where Did It Go????????

Bloody Hell. The Baby is 1 tomorrow. As in ONE WHOLE YEAR OLD! It's really true, this time last year I was sitting on the sofa, playing Joust on the xbox (you know, that really old game with the stupid little birds and the eggs and you have to pop the birds with your stick), and timing my contractions with a thing on the internet (Husband didn't have his android phone then, there's an app for that you know), waiting for them to get to that magic "1-minute long, 5 minutes apart" stage. (Little did I know that when I got to that stage, they'd just tell me to go and have a bath.)

Anyway, I digress. Oh yes, where did the time go? This year (especially this year as in 2010) has flown by, which is a complete mystery to me, as the individual minutes and hours often seem to drag. I'm thinking particularly of those minutes when she is screaming with righteous anger because her dinner isn't cooling down quick enough, or the hours before Husband is due in from work when I really need the loo but she will not let me put her down. But here we are. A year ago I was a pregnant woman, and today I am a mammy to a grumpy, wilful, stubborn, charming, curious, energetic, noisy, bewildering, mischeivous, crawling, squalking, almost-walking, chunky, practically hairless, beautiful little girl. And I couldn't be happier.

Thank you - to Husband, who, for all that I despair of him on here, is a truly fabulous husband and father. To my amazing family, who have kept me supplied with food, cleaned my house, taken The Baby away when I have been about to throw her out of the window, always had fantastic advice, and generally helped me along the way. To my lovely friends, old and new, and a special shout out to my mammy friends - between us we've seen and done it all. To all of you for reading, and telling me how much you've enjoyed it - that means a lot to me, and I hope I can keep being worth reading.
And thank you to my baby girl, for having a smile that makes me forget exactly how horrific your screams can be, for outgrowing your silent reflux, and for learning how to nap. And for being cool.

Right, I'm done now. Thank God I'll never get an Oscar, eh? They'd be vomiting in the aisles.

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