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Saturday, 5 June 2010

There Is No Spoon

Not if The Baby had her way anyway. I have mentioned before how my very uncouth baby likes to suck her food straight out of the pouches, which is really quite embarrassing, but at least it's tidy. Now, however, she has started to take issue at being spoon-fed at all (she's getting so independent, where did my little helpless child go?!). Today she decided she was going to eat with her hands. Not a problem at lunchtime - chicken and bread. Tea, however, was less dandy, as it was mashed-up pork casserole. But bless her, she looked so happy, shoving handfuls of meat into her face (and up her nose, and in her eye). On the plus side, this means that I can have a cup of tea, or possibly even food of my own, while she eats. On the minus side, it means that my baby, and my kitchen, end up looking like they have been caught in a meat blizzard.

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