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Thursday, 13 January 2011


Do you think that's a thing? If so, The Toddler has it.

This afternoon was going moderately well. Spent an enjoyable few hours at a friend's house, where the children only hit each other in the face a few times. Went to Tesco, and made the slightly unwise decision to let The Toddler roam free - she tried to pick up several loaves of garlic bread and a three-way plug adaptor, and then refused to head for the tills. It was cute and amusing, but kind of a workout. On arriving home, The Toddler ate her snack relatively tidier, and then settled down with Special Agent Oso.

And then came tea-time. The Toddler demanded to go in her highchair before her food was entirely cool, so I put her in it and gave her some cheese. Cheese makes The Toddler Very Happy Indeed. Once the cheese was gone, I put a plate of lovingly homecooked beef casserole with pasta in front of her. She took one look at it, burst into tears, pulled off her bib, and tried to throw herself out of her highchair. This burst of hysteria mutated into a tantrum of truly heroic proportions. I honestly have no idea how a some chunks of beef and a handful of carrot can provoke this kind of reaction. For 25 minutes. And I have no idea how to deal with these kind of episodes. I tried cuddling, singing, TV, sternly instructing her to calm down, trying to make her drink water, giving her bread, shouting "What do you want?!!!", putting her on the floor to scream. Eventually resorted to the dummy. She calmed down. And then the little sod ate the whole bowl of casserole as if it was the most delicious thing she'd ever had.


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