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Sunday, 9 January 2011


Gah. Resolution fail. I promised to update my blog more often, and I have not. Oops.

Anyway, this week, I have admitted defeat. I have recognised that I no longer fit in my trousers, surrendered to the elasticated waistband, and bought a new pair of maternity jeans. I actually already own about 4 pairs of maternity jeans, but they have been in the loft for a year and a half and need a wash, and as my washing pile is currently nearly as tall as I am, I may well have given birth before I get around to it.

I'm not really looking forward to wearing all my round-person clothes again to be honest. Maternity clothes are weird. For one thing, no-one wants to spend a fortune on things they're only going to wear for a few months (if they're cheapskates like me, anyway), so you end up buying a very minimal capsule wardrobe. Which sounds good in theory, but in reality means you just get sick of looking at the damn things. And even if you wanted to buy loads and loads of lovely things, well, you can't. Makers of maternity wear have decided, in their wisdom, that as soon as a woman gets pregnant, she has no need for jumpers, well-fitting trousers, tops that don't have puffy sleeves, or anything remotely stylish. If, however, you want to spend your gestating months in polyester bootcut trousers and checked shirts with a smattering of sequins on, you're golden.

Perhaps I will eschew maternity clothes this time, and spend the remainder of my pregnancy wearing the same pair of leggings and one of husbands old hoodies. Actually, if I don't somehow get some washing done, I may have no other option.

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