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Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year!

New Year's Resolution No. 1 - Update blog more often.

Happy 2011! Eek! This year, I will have two children! Two! That's one, and then one more one. Slightly frightened.

So festive frolics are over and done, and it's back to work tomorrow. We've had a lovely time over Christmas, slight morning sickness, teething and horrific colds aside. The Toddler has eaten nothing of any nutritional value in about 10 days (oh, tell a lie, she had a clementine yesterday). New Year's Resolution No. 2 - cook wholesome and nutritious meals for all the family, and resort less to cheese sandwiches and that culinary classic, pasta and Philedelphia.

The Toddler, Husband and myself have been lavished with many wonderful presents, which has warmed my heart, but also made me feel very guilty when our presents for them were either rubbish, stingy, unimaginative, all three, or worse, non-existent. New Year's Resolution No. 3 - become the generous and thoughtful friend and relative that my nearest and dearest deserve. And send thank-you cards.

The best present I received was from Husband and my sister. Together they have provided me with a Toddler-free weekend! Train tickets to London and tickets to a show! Woo! The Toddler is very cute and engaging at the minute (her new tricks include saying "Bye-bye!!!" very enthusiastically to anyone who leaves the room, even on the TV, singing the backing vocals to "Gold" by Spandau Ballet, and talking in whole, if entirely incomprehensible sentences), she is also very exhausting. And strange. She's currently hanging off my shoulder making odd babbling noises and shoving her hands down the back of my bra.

Husband's best present was a Kinect for the Xbox. He is very impressed. He got Dance Central, a game which should more accurately be called "So You Think You Can Dance? Ha Ha, You're Wrong". It is hilarious, and surprisingly knackering, even on easy. We're so unfit. New Year's Resolution No. 4 - try and do at least a fraction of the exercise I did whilst pregnant the first time. Not holding out much hope for that one.

The Toddler got many wonderful and exciting presents. So what did she play with all of Boxing Day? A ribbon. New Year's Resolution No. 5 - spend less money on stuff that The Toddler just does not need. In fact, just spend less money in general. It's probably a wise idea, what with the pending arrival.

Which brings me to the biggest thing about 2011 - the arrival of The New'un. Yes, in approximately 5 months, all being well, The New'un will be here, ready to unleash yet more chaos on the Bad Mammy household. New Child's Resolution - don't second-guess myself. Continue to do it my way. Ask for help when it's needed, and take it when it's offered. Enjoy my baby, without worrying if whatever I'm doing is going to traumatise her for the rest of her life. And realise I'm a good mother, just doing whatever it takes to get from day to day.

Hopefully I can keep that one.

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