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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Absence Makes The Heart Grow...

.....resentful and whingey apparently.

The Baby had her settling-in visits to nursery this week, and today we had to leave her for a whole two hours. (Almost. We were a bit late.) It was not as traumatic as I had been expecting. Thank the Lord for activity centres. We don't have one, but The Baby loves them, so we plonked her in one by way of distracting her from the fact we were abandoning her to strangers, and beat our retreat. She didn't cry until we were out of the door, so thankfully out of sight and earshot! I knew she probably would cry, but knew it wouldn't be for long, as lunch wasn't that far away, and a mother's loving embrace cannot possibly compare to freshly prepared toad-in-the-hole.

When we return, I was hoping for a big beaming smile and fierce cuddle to show me that she'd missed me. Nope. What I got was a tired, screaming, red-faced Baby, who practically threw herself out of my arms to get to Husband. Humph. She knows this nursery business is my fault, I can tell. First full day on Monday.....

The developmental spurt continues, however. Today we have been watching The Baby push her walker around the living room, toddling along like a happy little (if drunken) old lady taking her shopping home from Tesco in one of those tartan trolleys. She's also starting to copy us saying bits and pieces - pretty sure we're getting "Hiya" and "Hello", and I definitely heard her copy Husband saying "Oh, Baby" (well, actually he said her real name, but as you know, I refuse to reveal that on here, lest Social Services swoop in and take her away from me for being a terrible mother) when she threw a spoonful of yoghurt across the kitchen. Really really must stop swearing now. Don't want her first sentence to be "**** off, you ******* ****basket".

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