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Thursday, 8 April 2010

One Of Them Days

Ugh. It's a bit rubbish sometimes, this mothering lark. Today has been a Bad Day. It started when I woke up, with a very bad throat and head, to a small crash, and went in to find The Baby lying uder her mobile. Not lying under it like you're meant to lie under it, but with it actually on top of her. She had somehow managed to loosen it, and I have no idea how it didn't hit her in the face. It kind of went from there really. I was feeling a bit poorly and wanted to lie on the sofa feeling sorry for myself; The Baby developed an aversion to the living room, and also to sitting quietly. We did some playing in various odd corners of the house, pausing every 5 minutes for a fit of pitiful whingeing. Hers, not mine (although I was close). I was clock-watching from lunchtime until 5pm, when Husband got home and I ran away.

I've just realised, this happened after the last time I left her. This is punishment. Going back to work is going to be fun.

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