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Friday, 2 April 2010

Here Comes Trouble

The Baby is having another one of those developmental spurts. In the last few days, she has got the hang of:
  • Waving - but sometimes not until about two minutes after the person she's waving at has left.
  • Clapping - kind of, she still only opens one fist, so it looks a bit like a vaguely threatening punching gesture.
  • Pulling herself up - she's been doing this on people for a while, but now she can totally do it on inanimate objects too. I left her sitting in her cot for a few minutes, and came back to find her standing and grinning like a maniac
  • Drinking her milk out of her beaker by herself - but sometimes she is just bloody lazy and makes me hold it for her
  • Crawling! - Finally,yay! And today she even crawled around on the floor for a good few minutes without whingeing about it!
  • Undoing her nappy - a bit less yay. You now have to put her vest on with superhuman speed or she WILL get to those tabs.
  • Laughing like a maniac - see the last post!
Unfortunately, she seems to have lost the knack of eating properly. When she has any type of finger food, if there is more than one piece in front of her, she will pick up a piece, take a bite, then drop it, pick up another one, take a bite, drop it, giggle, pick up another one... A bit like Reese Witherspoon with those chocolates in Legally Blonde (without the giggling).

It's Easter this weekend (you all knew that, you're not stupid). Debating letting her have her first chocolate button. Not sure there's any point, as she gets excited enough about a spelt biscuit. God knows what chocolate is going to do to her.

Have a good one, folks x

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