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Monday, 5 April 2010

Bored Now

You know when you're doing something really really tedious for days on end? There comes a point, when you go, "Sack this, I'm going to the pub". Sadly, when the task in question is listening to your child whinge unhappily and wiping up her eye snot, you can't really do that. It is somewhat frowned upon.

The Baby, Husband and I seem to be passing a cold around, and taking it in turns to be utterly pathetic with it. Today is her turn. Bless her little poorly face, she has just not known what to do with herself at all. Put in her in front of the tv, she whinged. Gave her some toys, she whinged. Cuddled her, she whinged. Put her down to sleep, she whinged. Gave her some food.. she smiled and ate it all. She can't be that ill then.

Hopefully she'll be better tomorrow, as we've got a big day! Her first settling-in session at nursery (if they don't take one look at her green and gooky eyes and turn us away, that is). Unless she has a miraculous recovery overnight, I can't see this going well.


  1. Good luck tomorrow, and keep up the great work! x

  2. Hope it all went well at nursery I'll bet she loved it x