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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Mundane Thought

I have nothing very interesting to say today, especially on the subject of The Baby - she still has a cold, she's still whingey, she's still covered in snot, and she may or may not be showing signs of teething yet again. Blah blah blah. You're all bored of reading that, I bet.

So instead, I am going to share an equally interesting thought I had today while cooking my tea. Or, to be more precise about it, microwaving a Sainsbury's chinese ready meal. We have one of those shiny exciting microwaves that has all kinds of preset programmes to cook things, and is also an oven. Does anyone actually know how to use any of those settings? Has anyone in the history of the world ever roasted a chicken using their microwave? You might be able to do it at the touch of a button, but has anyone ever figured out which button that might be? I put mine on full power, turn it on for a few minutes, and turn it off when the food has all spilled over the sides of the container. Is that not the normal way to use a microwave?

There. Who said motherhood turns your brain to mush?

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