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Friday, 23 April 2010

And She's Off!

This week, The Baby has decided to abandon her "Oh woe, is me, my life is so hard, look at me dragging my poor little body across the carpet" routine. She seems to have figured out that this crawling lark isn't so bad after all. It means that she can GET STUFF, and also that Mammy can't just run off and abandon her, cos she can follow! And, man, is she good at it. I told you she knew how to do it all along. Husband and I are finding this very cute and enchanting, watching her tear off across the room, giggling and looking very pleased with herself. Until we realise she's got her head in the bin, or that she's making for the ironing board (yes, I know we should put it in the cupboard when we've finished doing the ironing. Trouble is, we never finish doing the ironing) or the edge of the stairs. A trip to Asda's baby event was duly made, and baby-proofing gubbins duly purchased. And duly put in a cupboard. We'll install them eventually. Hopefully before she takes her eye out on the corner of the coffee table, or jams her finger in a socket. The stair gate is up though. And I've only stubbed my toe on it twice so far.

Right, I'm off to do some ironing...

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  1. We still have the baby proofing stuff for Indie in our cupboard, she is 5 in August lol :-) x