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Friday, 30 April 2010

Mess, Mess, Mess, Mess, Mess.

In case you couldn't have guessed from my title, it's been a messy couple of days. The Baby has had a stomach bug, which has been thoroughly unpleasant for all concerned, and has resulted in more outfit changes between the two of us than Katy Perry at the VMAs. The bug has also coincided with one of my frequent bouts of clumsiness, The Baby deciding to try out new finger foods (such as fish pie. And yoghurt.) and a promise I made to make Toy Story cakes for my nephew's 5th birthday party. What made me think that was something I would be remotely good at, I have no idea. But in for a penny and all that, I trundled off to Asda yesterday to buy supplies. Unfortunately, the bottle of yellow food colouring I picked up happened to be the one with a faulty seal. I carried it around for about five minutes before realising that my hands, shopping list, trolley handle, midriff and baby's forehead were all vivid yellow. And it seems that although baby wipes will remove most substances known to man, including Sharpie permanent markers and gloss point, are defeated by yellow natural food colouring.

Finding myself baking at the odd hour of 9am, I promised myself that today would be cleaner, and diligently removed all traces of cake mixture from the kitchen counters and floor. What a waste of time that was. It turns out, that icing fairy cakes is not one of my strong points, and now my kitchen is covered in icing the colour of the Squeeze Toy Aliens, and my fridge is full of cakes that look nothing like them. And my worktop may now be permanently dyed green, as I knocked the bottle of food colouring all over it.

Off to put the eyes on now. This should be good.

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