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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Nerves Kicking In.....


It's The Baby's first full day at nursery tomorrow. Eek! On the one hand, I am looking forward to tomorrow immensely - after three days of solid horridness, can you blame me? And I will finally get chance to clean the cesspit formerly known as my house. On the other, I'm bloody terrified. She is a bit poorly, so very clingy, so it's going to break my heart to leave her as she WILL scream (she screamed when I went to the toilet at a friend's house today, so it doesn't bode well). I'm also convinced I will forget to take something, or have forgotten to tell them something. Motherhood has taken over my head so completely, that I am no longer aware of thinking about it. I don't know how to tell anyone else how to look after my child. It's like when someone else is covering your job when you go on holiday, and the minute you're on the plane you remember about 12 things that you forgot to tell them because you do them on autopilot. Oh well. She will only be there for 9 hours, I'm sure nothing can go wrong in that time. And I do believe they have some experience in looking after children.

The worst thing about her going to nursery is it makes me feel like she is now a Big Girl. Don't like it. I'm sure I will have changed my tune on Tuesday, when I've got her back and she punishes me for leaving her....

I'll let you know how it goes.

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