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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Little Hyena Baby

Despite being a grumpy horror for most of yesterday and today (think she might have yet another cold. And an eye infection. And keeps missing naps), tonight, The Baby astounded me by laughing hysterically, for about 10 minutes, because my mam was hitting her with one of her own socks. Not just doing little baby giggles either. Proper, full-on, hyena chortling. I actually thought she might make herself sick. I've put the video on facebook - maybe she will become an internet sensation like that other laughing baby. I have no idea why it is so much fun to watch a baby laugh, but it is. So much fun, that I will forgive her for squawking every 30 bloody minutes for no bloody reason, like she has this evening.

On a completely and totally unrelated to anything note, there is a little thing at the bottom of the "Edit Post" screen, which says you can add labels to it, "e.g. scooters, holidays, autumn". How random is that? Who chose those? Are there many blogs about scooters, holidays, or autumn, or indeed all three? (I have just googled those three words together, and the top two results were adventure holidays in Italy, and mobility scooter rental in North Cyprus. So there you go.)

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