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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Industrious Mammy!

Check me out! I've been doing cleaning and cooking and everything! Instead of spending my evening watching One Born Every Minute (it's Sky+'d, I think this show may be one of new favourite things) and faffing around on like I normally do, I have been cleaning my kitchen, tidying my bedroom, and making homemade pasta sauce for The Baby. I have done this mainly out of a feeling of shame about how disgusting and chaotic I let my house get. Been visiting a friend today who has a baby about the same age as mine, and a beautiful, pristine house. And she takes her baby to do interesting things, and is studying at the minute too! I am in awe of my amazing, efficient and industrious friends, and ashamed of my lazy, messy self. New leaf being turned over, right now. I am going to become Super Housewife. Never again will my ironing pile become as tall as I am. Never again will my kitchen lino become obscured by bits of banana and blobs of pureed sweet potato. I will polish surfaces, scrub floors and plump pillows until my home is a haven of domestic bliss.

Let's see how long this lasts.....


  1. You go Bad Mammy! and while you're at it do you fancy doing my house too :-)

  2. Go girl!!! To get our house tidied we've had to ship Matthew out to Grandmas!