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Monday, 8 March 2010

I Heart Wales

Wales is fantastic! Who knew?! (Probably lots of Welsh people)

I was worried about taking The Baby on a plane, wondering how she would cope with the ear-popping and all that. Turns out I needn't have worried. She adored flying! She smiled and gurgled at the cabin crew, only got a bit bored of sitting on her daddy's knee for ages, and the minute we were in the air, fell into a deep sleep for the entire duration. On the way back, she didn't sleep, but may have become the only person in the history of the world to be interested in the safety card.

Anyway, flight was a success, and after a minor farce getting out of the airport (rugby team getting in the way, my dad losing the car parking ticket, trolley with a mind of its own) we were on our way to Mumbles. Which is fab! It's a very beautiful place, and I reckon that everyone should go immediately. Although not all at once, it would get very busy and unpleasant.

The Baby has loved being surrounded by family all weekend, and so did I as it meant I hardly had to look after her at all! It seems to have been good for her, as she's had a bit of a developmental spurt I think, especially with the talking. The child never shuts up! And we had a "Dada". We were very proud, and she looked a bit confused as to why we all started clapping. No "Mama" yet though. Honestly, I let that child chew on my boobs for 6 months and she can't even say my name first? Ungrateful bugger.

She also seems to have grown some hair. Although it is so fine and blonde she still looks bald.

Back to reality now. Boo.

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