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Monday, 8 March 2010

Waiter, There's A Fly In My Plate Of Crud..

You know, when restaurant staff come over and do that "Is everything OK with your food" thing, do you think they're really expecting the answer "No, actually, this is complete rubbish"? They should, if they see me coming. I seem to have become a serial complainer. In the past, if food i've ordered is horrible, I tended to just leave it but tell the staff it was great anyway. Now, I am very much of the mind that I have spent my (OK, Husband's) hard-earned money on this, so if it is not edible there will be hell to pay. We went for a pre-flight pub lunch on Friday, and I was overcome with school-dinner nostalgia and ordered Toad in the Hole. What I got seemed to be sausages in cake. That's not so good. Even I, who is laughably bad at traditional British cooking, couldn't go that wrong.
I started to wonder if it was a bad omen for the weekend.......

(It wasn't. But more later)

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